Hair Extensions by Amanda ltd

Use only the best 100% human hair on the market.  All hair is prepared and pre-bonded in-house to keep costs at a minimum whilst not sacrificing quality.

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Celebrity Choice


Celebrity choice is Beautyworks premium range of hair extensions and is used by celebrities world wide.  It is made with 100% hand selected healthy human hair, strands all remain Remy cuticle-intact to retain moisture and shine throughout its lifespan.  Virgin hair is ethically collected around the world by our partners that have over 25 years experience of sourcing the softest human hair extensions which have never been chemically treated.  Celebrity choice hair delivers soft, silky straight hair that is manageable for styling and blends seamlessly into Caucasian hair types.  Crafted by hand 120g of healthy hair is intact onto one weft.  Celebrity choice weft extensions goes through an additional process during manufacturing called “double drawing”. Shorter hair strands are removed by hand and longer lengths make up the ratio of the weft extensions, the hair drawn in this process results in thicker, fuller hair from top to bottom.  Since the extensions are made up of a higher percentage of thicker and longer strands, you won’t need as much hair as you would with single drawn hair extensions.

Please note although every effort is made for colour match to be perfect as advised by all the companies colours may differ slightly to the ones on the swatch.